2020 GT World Challenge America

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma, United States

2020-08-07 : 2020-08-09

Track: Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Raceway, formerly Sears Point Raceway and Infineon Raceway is a 2.52-mile (4.06 km) road course and drag strip located on the landform known as Sears Point in the southern Sonoma Mountains in Sonoma, California, USA. The road course features 12 turns on a hilly course with 160 feet (49 m) of total elevation change. wikipedia
image/svg+xml Infineon (Sears Point) with emphasis on Long track 1 2 3 3a 4 4a 5 6 7 7a 8 8a 9 9a 10 11 12 The Chute 11a
Length4.06 km2.523 miles